British Educational System

British Educational System

From Key Stage 4 (year 10), students at Utopia International School will have the opportunity to opt for a range of in-depth and specialized subjects through the IGCSE programme. We follow the UK Cambridge International Exam (CIE) curricula and do provide Edexcel as well.


Top notch IGCSE specialized teachers place high expectations upon their students and together, they combine their efforts and dedication to attain the very highest levels of academic achievement in IGCSE.

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Graduation Requirements

  • 8 O-level subjects with a minimum grade C. Subjects must be extended and not core level.
  • A maximum of 5 examination sessions over 3 years prior to application to University.
  • A/AS level subjects as mandated by selected major discipline.
  • Complete fulfillment of National exam standards set by MOE.


* Private University requirements could differ according to regulations.