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  • Payment Policy

    We are happy to welcome you to Utopia International School.

    Should you need any assistance in applying, please call us at +2 010 0692 6973 , or email us at [email protected] it will be our pleasure to help you out.

    At Utopia International School, we pride ourselves on an admission process that does not discriminate against any child or family. All children are welcome to Utopia International School. Admission to Utopia international School is based upon the student’s application, previous school records and meeting requirements in admission standardized assessments.

    • Securing a Place

    Upon being accepted into Utopia, 20% of student fees are payable within a maximum of 1 week from placement notification. Failure to comply could result in offering your son’s/daughter’s place to another student.

    Remaining fees are scheduled as follows:

    • 40% before the end of April 2020
    • 20% before the mid-August 2020
    • 20% before the end of January 2021


    • Sibling Discounts

    • 1st child full fees
    • 2nd child 5% discount
    • 3rd child 10% discount


    • Refunds

    In case of withdrawal before the beginning of the academic year, placement test fees, book fees and administrative fees will be deducted from any installments paid.

    • Bus fees are Non- Refundable

    No refunds will be paid once the academic year has commenced.

    • Attendance Conditional upon Full Payment

    The parent/guardian accepts that a student´s entitlement to begin or continue classes at the School is conditional upon payment in full of each term´s tuition fees and all other charges for which the parent/guardian is liable.

    The parent/guardian shall take full responsibility to ensure that payment is made in full whether or not tuition fees and other charges are paid by the parent/guardian or the employer of one of the parents/guardians.

    • Administration Charge for Late Payment

    If the parent/guardian does not pay any type of fees or charges due to the School on time, a late payment administration charge of 5% will be imposed for each week delay in payment.

    However, this administration charge will not apply if arrangement for late payment has been made with the School prior to the deadline for payment of the relevant fees or charges.

    Contact our Admission Office