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  • The differences between British and American Educational Systems

    The differences between British and American Educational Systems

    We often ask “Which system best suits my son/ daughter?

    To answer this question, we have outlined the basic differences between both systems but professional educational counseling still comes highly recommended.

    The American Educational System The British Educational System
    • Flexibility.
    • Cultural Diversity.
    • Research Oriented.
    • GPA is the compiled average of grades 10, 11 and 12 and represents 40% of final graduation score.
    • Scientific Investigation and Science advanced curriculum.
    • Develops character and boosts self confidence.
    • Less stress.
    • Encourages creativity.
    • Focuses on depth of subjects.
    • A formal and structured system.
    • Student work mainly assignments for topic at hand.
    • Focuses on breadth of the subject.
    • Demands constant and continuous student performance.
    • Graduation grades depend solely on final exams.
    • Student is required to specialize in specific subjects early on.
    • More stressful.
    Most Suitable For
    • Students unable to perform under stress.
    • Students capable of consistent performance.
    • Those who are unable to decide their career path at an early stage.
    • Those looking for a more general and diversified education.
    • Students able to perform well under stress.
    • Students accustomed to independent individual work.
    • Those who are able to determine their career path early on.

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