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  • American Educational System

    American High School Academics

    At Utopia International School (American Division), we offer a challenging and research-based curriculum founded upon clearly defined expectations for student learning. Our curriculum is built on exceptional academic standards (AP level for core subjects) with an emphasis on the student’s overall development.

    Students participate in a diverse array of core and elective courses, as well as co-curricular activities. These enhance a student’s confidence, helps develop their leadership skills as well as team-work spirit. Ultimately, our aim is to create top-tier students and prepare them for both college and their future career (CCR) which is the essence of the American Educational System.

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    Application to Egyptian Universities and Ministry requirements

    Students graduating with an American Diploma apply within the 5% quota dedicated to foreign certificates.
    The final score is calculated as follows:

    • 60% of the final grade from SAT exams.
    • 40% from the average marks of 8 full credits from High School grades with a maximum of 3 credits from grade 11.

    Graduation Requirements

    • 28 credits for grades 9 to 12 inclusive.
    •  A minimum GPA of 2.0.
    •  20 hours of documented community services.
    • Complete fulfillment of National exam standards set by MOE.

    American Diploma and Grade Promotion Requirements

    • Grade placement is according to age as per MOE requirements.
    • Promotion to next grade level follows successful completion of all academic requirements for each course (pass is from 60%) as well as a min. GPA 2.0. Good behavioral standing is required.