Primary Stage (KS1)

Nurturing creativity, inspiring curiosity, shaping the future.

Welcome to the Oxford International Curriculum, a new approach to teaching and learning, which fosters wellbeing in education and develops lifelong learning skills for students’ future personal, career and academic success.

This all-through curriculum integrates curriculum materials, assessment, and world-class resources developing the critical and creative thinking skills for success in further study, including in Oxford AQA’s international GCSEs, AS and A-level exams.

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Through six subjects – English, Maths, Science, Computing, Wellbeing and Global Skills Projects, and the ORT (Oxford Reading Tree) Programme – the Oxford International Curriculum offers your children a coherent and holistic approach with year on year progression. This spiral approach deepens students’ knowledge and ensures a smooth transition across every stage of their educational journey, equipping them with the skills to shape the future.

Through promoting wellbeing in education and developing critical and creative thinking skills, the Oxford International Curriculum helps our students thrive in an ever changing world.

The Oxford International Curriculum enables students to succeed by recognising that lasting success is contingent on both academic performance and emotional wellbeing. It has been designed to bring wellbeing to all teaching and learning and to develop global skills through all core subjects.

Global Skills Projects combines project-based and interdisciplinary learning to develop thoughtful, innovative change-makers who are equipped with the skills to succeed in an ever-evolving world. The curriculum aims to foster a classroom environment where students develop the skills for success:

  • Creative thinking skills
  • Real-world skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self-development skill

English develops the spoken and written communication skills that underpin all learning, enabling students to express themselves creatively. Maths covers the interconnected learning that deepens understanding and problem-solving skills. Science encourages students to question the world around them with a sense of excitement and curiosity. Computing equips all learners with the lifelong skills they need to fully engage with the digital world.

Global Skills Projects combines project-based and interdisciplinary learning to develop thoughtful, innovative change makers. The Oxford International Curriculum helps to develop learners who are:

  • Ambitious and proactive
  • Ready for the future
  • Inventive with a sense of curiosity and wonder
  • Empowered and autonomous