Secondary and Pre-IG (KS3)

Secondary and Pre-IG (KS3)

At Utopia International School offering the Oxford International Curriculum throughout our British division means we offer international GCSEs and A-levels. These rigorous and research-based qualifications are globally relevant and designed for the needs of international students. The focus on fair assessment ensures that all students have the best chance of achieving their full potential.

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The Oxford International Curriculum builds the foundations for students to move onto the Oxford AQA International GSCEs, AS and A-levels in all core subjects and the Independent Project Qualification (IPQ).

  • Seamless topic alignment
  • Continuity of command terms and subject vocabulary
  • Consistent use of the Oxford3000 to ensure language accessibility
  • Familiarizing students with the type of assessment material they will encounter at key stage 4
  • Supporting students to go further, developing global skills via student-led project-based learning
  • Mapping out the progression from key stage 3 to key stage 4 via clear curriculum charts

This International GCSE qualification gives teachers freedom of choice in approaches to teaching and learning whilst providing a rigorous summative assessment of students’ skills and abilities.

The different reading tasks in Paper 1 and Paper 2 enable students to develop specific skills in inference, exploration, language analysis and deduction, alongside the more general skills of selection, synthesis and organisation.

The alternative Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) option to Paper 2 will appeal to students of all abilities who wish to pursue an individual area of study. With its focus on independent research and learning and the development of study skills, it provides an invaluable preparation for higher level study.

Utopia International School’s commitment to excellence means that we provide all our students with the best opportunity to excel, and thus, preparing them while offering the highest quality education on every level that a school can offer is what our students will attest to as they progress within each academic year.